White Nephrite Jade Yoni Egg


Amicably referred to as the love egg or jade egg, yoni eggs, made from gemstones, are stones shaped like an egg and designed to be inserted into the vagina. The word yoni translates to sacred temple in Sanskrit. The holy temple, in this case, is the vagina.

For the vagina to maintain its strength, health and shape, sex therapists and health care professionals recommend the use of yoni eggs. As one of the tools that deliver amazing results.

The yoni eggs come in three different sizes, small, medium and large. It is advisable for average women to use the medium size because the small size may not be felt in the vagina and the large size will feel too heavy for you especially if you have not given birth.

Many women are not aware of what they are capable of doing and achieving in bed until they use the yoni egg. This semi precious stone comes with numerous healing advantages that will help women to have a healthy vagina and fulfilled sex life. The stones also awaken and replenish the sexual energy in a woman.

Sizes ( if you are not sure which size yoni egg to start with, please read more in Size Introductions)

♥ Large 35x50mm

♥ Medium 30x43mm

♥ Small 25x35mm

  • If you have delivered a baby in the last few months; If you have some incontinence problem; If you are beginner in kegel exercises; If you barely feel your sexual partner inside, take Yoni Egg L (Large)
  • If you are a very small woman; If you are a very small woman, take Yoni Egg M (Medium)or Yoni Egg S (Small)
  • If you are experienced with kegel exercises, take Yoni Egg S (Small).


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