What is Yoni Egg?

Yoni egg is the beautiful name that is given to these precious stones, that is well polished and carved like an egg. Yoni eggs are suited to be worn in the woman vagina; this practice started five hundred years ago in China, where the stones were used to get sexual power and awaken sensuality. They also depended on the stone for maintaining their amazing health status in the old days.

This stone was only used for the select few in the parts of China, but over the years many people have started seeing its importance. In a more simple term, the word yoni means a sacred place. The stone is being adapted by many people due to the many benefits that it brings.

Why Use Yoni Egg?

It can able used to increase libido and awaken sensuality in women; and used to balance estrogen levels by increasing and facilitating natural lubrication, especially when you are going through menopause. If you get to understand your yoni eggs well, you can actually develop a love relationship with it.

Your body will in time develop a close connection with the yoni eggs and you are more likely to improve your health. This practice will tighten your vagina as well as awaken tissues, organs, muscles and help in increasing sensitivity.Yoni eggs let you experience pleasure that you thought were not possible.

Yoni Reflexology

Because the jade egg rubs the vaginal walls it also rubs the reflexology points that lay along its interior. Then the jade egg caresses onto these powerful reflexology points, it absorbs any imbalances in the body while simultaneously rejuvenating the organs that connect to that region. This empowers the strength and health of not only the vagina, but the entire body.

Who Use Yoni Egg?

♥ If you have never experienced vaginal orgasm in the proper way, by continually practicing with yoni eggs, you will reach seventh heaven. They can also be used to overcome infertility and aid in child bearing as well as help in preventing tearing during the process.

♥ If you have given birth, the stone can be used to repair any damaged nerves endings and facilitate quick recovery. In the event you can also strengthen your pelvic floor and cure incontinence while preventing prolapsed in the near future. With yoni eggs, you can regain control of your vaginal muscles and ensure that you rock your lover’s world.

♥ If you have long days and pains in menses, the stone can reduce the pain and shorten menstrual days. The overall benefit that you can get with yoni eggs is good health life and well being at all times. For the spiritual individuals, you can also use the stone to attain great transformation.Yoni eggs are not just exquisite accessory, when you buy them you are sure of improving your life and living happily with your partner.

Did you know that you can achieve many kinds of orgasm with the stone? Practicing with yoni eggs has been proved to awaken even the nerves that do not respond to anything. Any woman can be able to reach orgasm in the vaginal, cervical, and uterine.However, for you to achieve this; you will have to spend more time practicing with yoni eggs.

Yoni eggs are able to achieve this through increasing blood flow, and move stagnant energy in your pelvic while stimulating your ovaries that will lead to intense and sweat pleasure when you reach orgasm.


How you can practice with yoni eggs?

You can simply do kegel exercises with a yoni egg to get all the benefits. It will boost your experience by simply wearing it during the exercises. If you have never done work outs with the stone, you can buy it and see how it will work its magic.

Sleeping with Yoni eggs is the other way that you can get all the properties in time, your yoni will play with the egg while you sleep and you will get pleasurable moments in your sleep. Once you know to hold yoni eggs well, you can attend yoga or any activity and the egg will engage your muscles while you practice.

However, you should be careful when you are sneezing or coughing, the egg can easily come out. You should also note that not all eggs can be worn; you will have to buy one that will not hurt you. You should also get yoni eggs that cannot easily break when they fall, has high conductivity and perfect weight that you can handle.



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